We’ve been running gift shops and cafe bars at key London tourist sites for 30 years now. We always want to make sure that our shops are friendly and welcoming, and that our staff understand that a smile and a welcoming word are essential parts of the customer experience.

We currently run three friendly, family gift shops on the South Bank of the River Thames in London close to the London Eye (at 59-61 York Road, SE1 7NJ), just down from London Bridge (at Winchester Wharf, 4 Clink Street, SE1 9DG) and our newest shop close to the Tate Modern & Blackfriars train station (at 60-62 Hopton Street, SE1 9JH).

One of the aspects of the business that has kept us going over the years is the fact that the majority (if not all) our customers are on holiday or visiting the area, and are there to enjoy themselves. The more we can do to be helpful and useful to those visiting our shops, the better – and we can enjoy our work too!

We are always on the look-out for new sites for our shops, as long as they are in great venues for those visiting London and offer us the space and the opportunity to display a large range of products in an un-cramped environment – not like those tiny shops that are too full you cannot even turn around in!

We have a small team led by our managers Anthony, Viki & Simona who we have personally trained to make sure our standards of customer service and hygiene are met at all times.

Please use the Contact Us page or send us an email at redbusshop@aol.com if you have any comments or questions about our shops or visit us on Facebook or You Tube.

Stuart & Margo Balfour, Owners