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The Fantastic Tower of London


Twr Bridge Open Tower of London Raven crisps

Now, I have lived in and around London for the last 27 years. I worked 50 metres from the Tower of London for 5 of them and I have never visited the Tower of London before.

The Tower is now my No. 1 Recommendation for when you visit London. We spent 5 hours there and could have spent longer. It did help that Boy 1 & Boy 2 are obsessed with history. Horrible Histories especially, and especially especially the Tudors.

There is so much to do in the Tower – we started off with a visit to the Raven enclosure where the Warden explained that the Ravems were so intelligent they had worked out how to steal crisps from picnicing tourists, wash off the flavours they don’t like in their water bowls and then crunch them down! Not sure I would have thought of that one….

(More on crisp stealing avians later…..)

Then the highlight of the visit – a 45 minute tour around the Tower with a Yeoman Warder (or Beefeater). Moira was really good fun, mixing information with gruesome detail and jokey asides to keep the interest levels up. We explored by ourselves after the tour, visiting the chapel, all the different museums and galleries.

Not really our type of thing, surprisingly the only gallery that was slightly underwhelming was the Crown Jewels. Once you have seen one mightily impressive jewel encrusted gold thing the excitement levels tend to wane…..

Back to the Ravens – we found a suitable spot for lunch, Uncle Chris went to get coffees and came back with an additional packet of posh crisps (OX flavour). Then the Ravens decided they were hungry, hopped up onto the bench, stole the unopened bag of crisps, ripped it to shreds and pecked away for their lunch. They are fairly fearsome creatures close up! I would like to say that Uncle Chris & I bravely shooed the Ravens away to claim back our lunch but that would be a lie….. retreat was the wiser course of action.

Brilliant day out, I cannot recommend the Tower of London more highly. An absolute must-not-miss on your visit to London.