Clink St Prison Museum

Museum front Calan and prisoner Caio manacles

Red Bus thought it was time to share a bit of experience about where to go and what to do when you visit London. We hope that when you visit our amazing City you have some fantastic experiences and there are so many lovely historic and modern buildings and museums to visit.

We took a very short stroll from our Clink St shop (about 20 metres) to visit the Clink St Prison Museum. Looks a bit gloomy from the outside, which I suppose is the point!

Thing 1 & Thing 2 like the gruesome and the scary (they’re 10 & 8) but I wasn’t sure about whether this would not be too much for them. Turns out they thought it was great. There’s loads of stuff to read on the walls and the museum is quite small but we managed to spend about 1 hour inside – any more would be pushing it. And we learned loads!

There’s a couple of interactive screens (some of which worked) but mostly there are posters explaining the history of prisons and the Clink St prison in particular.

The Thing’s favourite was the screen showing different types of torture carried out in those good old days – and they took great delight in recounting them to Mum when we got back later that day. The one involving hungry rats, a metal cage and an exposed belly went down particularly well.

All in all a diverting hour’s entertainment, although Thing 2’s now stated desire to eat rat at some point probably won’t be followed through….

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