Some Facts About London

London is the UK’s capital and it comes as no surprise that a lot of visitors will make London a place to visit when they come over to the UK. So here at Red Bus Shop we wanted to give you a few fun and informative facts that you probably are not aware of –

1 – Did you know that up until 1916 people could walk into Harrods and buy drugs over the counter and it was legal. Cocaine amongst other things were readily available to buy. However going in there now and asking may result in an arrest.

2 – Black cab drivers have to learn a map that consists of 320 basic routes which entails 25000 different streets before they can actually pass the test and become a cab driver in London.

3 – People in London speak in over 300 different languages throughout the day. In fact we believe London is one of the most multi-cultural capital cities in the world.

4 – Did you know Winnie the Pooh was actually a bear at the ZSL London Zoo back in 1914 and through to 1934 and that she was a female bear.

5 – Jerry Springer was actually born at Highgate station in Feb 1944 and that there has only been 3 babies born on the underground even though 3 million trips are taken by people using the tube daily.

That is just the start of it. There is so much history in London and what is a better way of remembering it than buying a souvenir whilst on your travels?

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